How will you know the right home? Its not always as easy as you may think. Considering the following topics before you begin your search may help you be more decisive when the time comes to choose a home.


  • Will you be looking in urban, suburban, semi-rural or rural areas
  • How much personal space do you need? A nice yard, an acre or more?


  • Are the homes well maintained
  • How far apart are the houses
  • Any neighborhood restrictions on pets, parking, lawns etc.
  • Are vehicles primarily parked in the driveway, garage or on the street
  • What churches are nearby
  • Are there emergency personnel stations close
  • How close is the nearest hospital


  • Are public, charter and private schools available
  • Is there a school bus route nearby


  • How long will your daily commute be
  • Are there commute options available 

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Types of indoor and outdoor sports activities
  • How far is the nearest library
  • What is available for entertainment